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If viewed from the concept, whatever the findings of each study will be presented to the Chief Minister. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the establishment of the Strategic Studies Unit is proposed as a secretariat under the UniMAP Vice-Chancellor's Office which acts to assist in designing and monitoring the implementation of the Perlis Strategic Plan Forward 2015.

Recently, the Federal Government has allocated RM35 million in the launch of the Regional Economic Corridor (NCER), which Perlis is designed as a logistics hub between Thailand & Indonesia (IMT-GT) which houses Halal Hub along with modern transportation facilities with twin railways from Padang Great to Ipoh. To ensure the smoothness of logistics between Perlis and other states, the coastal highway will also be built from Simpat Empat, Perak to Kuala Perlis. With the interest shown by the state of Perlis on the research of herbal products, Technology Park Malaysia has agreed to invest RM30 million to generate research efforts at Perlis Herbs Park.

Everything is a dream for a country whose population is only 250,000. However, it's like 'durian collapse' for all of us. With the main vision of Perlis State is to become a developed state with a steady economy and a highly educated and highly skilled society by the year 2020, this is the time. Hence, the Perlis State Government has set Year 2015 as Perlis Maju year of less than 6 years from now.

To this end, according to this objective, Universiti Malaysia Perlis is optimistic to play its core role as a higher education institution with expertise in engineering and research to help strengthen the state government's efforts to achieve the vision set in line with the recommendation of His Royal Highness King Young Perlis, UniMAP Chancellor who offers UniMAP expertise to YAB Dato 'Dr. Md. Isa B. Sabu, the Chief Minister of Perlis.

In order to ensure that all plans are in line with a series of discussions with Tuanku Canselor, YAB Menteri Besar Perlis and UniMAP citizens, UniMAP through its Vice-Chancellor, Y.Bhg. Col. Prof. Dato 'Dr. Kamarudin Hussin has agreed to set up a Strategic Studies Unit (now known as the Institute of Strategic Studies, Leadership & Community) to assist the Perlis state government in drafting the Perlis Strategic Plan Forward 2015. This plan is designed not only to generate economic growth through expertise and to enhance the mastery of knowledge among the Perlis State society, even strengthens balanced human capital in the aspect of political and socio-economic awareness. And to diversify ideas and experiences, a Secretariat Research Fellow is also set up in this unit by combining individual expertise & competencies in specific areas.

Perlis is the smallest country in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. Thailand is the closest neighbor to Perlis. The total area of ​​Perlis is 795 km / s and has a population of 250,000. Although Perlis is located far in the northern peninsula of Malaysia, however, planned development continues to be felt by the state.

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